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GtkBuilder/Glade on IronPython

August 28, 2009

Thanks to Stephane for his answer to my query about using GtkBuilder in IronPython. It turns out his Gtk#Beans package provides the magic sauce that is currently missing from ~~gtk# trunk~~ the current stable release.

For completeness, here's the code I sent him that accomplishes the same thing using the older Glade.XML object for those that are interested. It answers a long standing mailing list question about using Glade.XML.Autoconnect in IronPython.

import clr
import Gtk
import Glade

def PyGladeAutoconnect(gxml, target):
    def _connect(handler_name, event_obj, signal_name, *args):
        name = ''.join([frag.title() for frag in signal_name.split('_')])
        event = getattr(event_obj, name)
        event += getattr(target, handler_name)

    # add all widgets
    for widget in gxml.GetWidgetPrefix(''):
        setattr(target, gxml.GetWidgetName(widget), widget)
    # connect all signals

class Application:
    def __init__(self):
        gxml = Glade.XML("", "window1", None)
        PyGladeAutoconnect(gxml, self)
        # window1 comes from glade file

    def onWindowDelete(self, o, args):
        # connected via glade file definition

app = Application()

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