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New Hosting, Blog Cleanup

December 22, 2010

I decided to move to Webfaction for my hosting. I really like the ability to have long running processes and what Webfaction charges for that ability seems a pitance compared to other VPS hosting I've seen.

I'm taking the move as an opportunity to clean up the content on my blog. Posts with technical knowledge remain while inane commentary are gone. Pages that still have relevance remain and have been overhauled to repair broken links and code.

Going forward, my strategy to better avoid blog-rot will be:

  1. All code on GitHub, in repositories or gists.
  2. Static files in a subdomain specifically for static files and folder specifically for the post / page.
  3. Short posts, not long pages.

Older tech tutorial pages about various Python libraries may return over time as I clean them up. I am also considering reposting coursework on various topics from ugrad / grad school. It might be junk to nearly everyone, but tidbits here and there might still prove useful. All of this old stuff will appear in an archive section slowly over time.

Another Read: UNC Open Web on GitHub »

A few updates. The UNC Open Web projects I've been hacking have moved under the uncopenweb organization on GitHub. This set includes JSonic, the uow sever deployment scripts, the server catalog app and widgets, and the tictactoe game example. Gary has also moved his related projects to the same org to ensure everything is under a single umbrella. You can now track all git related activity in the uncopenweb space by following uncopenweb on Twitter.