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UNC Open Web on GitHub

September 26, 2010

A few updates. The UNC Open Web projects I've been hacking have moved under the uncopenweb organization on GitHub. This set includes JSonic, the uow sever deployment scripts, the server catalog app and widgets, and the tictactoe game example. Gary has also moved his related projects to the same org to ensure everything is under a single umbrella. You can now track all git related activity in the uncopenweb space by following uncopenweb on Twitter.

At some point, we'll probably fork student projects into the uncopenweb space also.

Another Read: JSonic - Speech and sound using HTML5 »

I've released a new library called JSonic for text-to-speech synthesis and sound playback in browsers supporting HTML5 <audio>. The code is on GitHub along with full documentation of the JS and REST APIs.